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The SIREn Manual

This manual introduces SIREn and is focused on reference documentation. It covers topics from Getting Started to advanced configuration options.

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The SIREn API Documentation for Java

The complete documentation of the SIREn Java API. This covers the Solr and Elasticsearch plugins as well as more advanced modules such as siren-core or siren-qparser.

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Comparing SIREn 1.2 and Lucene’s Blockjoin Performance: a USPTO Patent Search Scenario

This is a detailed description of the benchmark tests that we conducted to compare SIREn’s performance relative to BlockJoin with respect to search on nested documents. The BlockJoin approach is used in both Solr and ElasticSearch to support nested document search.

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Videos & Slides

Searching Relational Data with Elasticsearch, Second Galway Data Meetup, April 2015

Searching and Querying Knowledge Graphs with Solr/SIREn: A Reference Architecture, Lucene Revolution 2014
High Performance JSON Search and Relational Faceted Browsing with Lucene, Lucene Revolution 2013
The SIREn Plugin for Elasticsearch, LOD2 Webinar Series
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