“Siren NESTED” is a plugin for Solr and Elasticsearch for hugely boosted performance, scalability, and flexibility when dealing with richly structured and nested data.

Truly schemaless. JSON API. Open Source.

High Performance Nested Search

Siren offers enormous speed advantages on complex nested documents compared to stock Elasticsearch or the Blockjoin API in Solr. Read more.

Huge scalability increase

Uses a tiny fraction of the entries in the index compared to stock Elasticsearch/Solr blockjoin. This results in incomparable scalability. Read our white paper.

Fully Schemaless

Siren allows you to pull together data from disparate sources, avoid upfront investment in data harmonization and rapidly start searching & analyzing the data.

Advanced Querying

Siren offers several query operators over and beyond what Solr and Elasticsearch offer. This includes proximity operators and wildcard path operators.

Compatible with Solr & Elasticsearch

Siren can be easily plugged into your Solr or Elasticsearch installations. You can retain and enhance your investment in your current search infrastructure.

Free and Open Source!

Siren is an open source software. It is free for use in all your applications. Commercial licences and support packages are also available.

Try it out !

Siren is open-source and free to use. You can download the source code or one of our distributions and try it out by yourself. You can also learn more about Siren by looking at the Siren manual, whitepapers and videos.

“Siren Nested” @ Lucene Revolution 2013

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