SIREn for Graph Data Search – LuceneRevolution 2014

SIREn for Graph Data Search – LuceneRevolution 2014

We’re happy to say that our talk “Searching and Querying Knowledge Graphs with Solr/SIREn: a Reference Architecture” has been accepted at Lucene/Solr Revolution 2014 as one of the top-rated submissions.

Advanced search of graph data is another field where SIREn shines, enhancing Solr or Elasticsearch with capabilities to address way more sophisticated scenarios than what is possible out of the box.

Sometimes one can search a node in a graph just by looking up its directly attached metadata, e.g., looking up a node “person” by knowing its “last name”. In this case, simply indexing the node metadata in a regular Solr or Elasticsearch (or directly Lucene, as Neo4J does for example) will do.

A great number of valuable use cases, however, will not be content with that. How to zoom in on entities of interest via properties of their connections or even properties of second or third level connections? By delivering orders of magnitude advantages in search across deeply nested data structures, SIREn enables this at real time, interactive speed.

See it in action, on a graph dataset where the connected nodes are articles –> companies –> investments –> investors.

For more details, please come see our presentation.

But if you can’t wait until then, please do contact us today.

Renaud Delbru

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