SIREn 1.3 now open source. And it does Elasticsearch too!

SIREn 1.3 now open source. And it does Elasticsearch too!

Today we are excited to announce SIREn v1.3. Most important thing first: SIREn is now fully free and Open Source! Yes, get and use our high end technology for efficient searching of deep nested data absolutely for free.  \o/ As you might know, arguably SIREn most immediate appeal is that it brings JSON indexing and structured search to Solr. Starting from v1.3 however, we also deliver on something that has been requested by lot of folks – full compatibility with Elasticsearch. Both Solr and Elasticsearch users now get identical advantages and APIs with the SIREn plugin.

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Given that Elasticsearch has support for JSON structured data, what does SIREn bring to ElasticSearch? Well, everything else that is not “just” the data model. In particular, Elasticsearch users will also get:

  • Performance and Scalability: Elasticsearch uses the Blockjoin approach to support nested data. SIREn is several times faster for many types of nested queries. SIREn is also enormously more scalable for indexing and faceting on nested documents. Read about it here.
  • Schemaless: While Elasticsearch allows you extend a schema with new properties, SIREn allows you to even change the type of a property. So, more flexibility in dealing with heterogeneous data.
  • Operators: SIREn adds structured data search operators that Elasticsearch cannot provide, e.g., Node Proximity and Path Wildcards.

Get it here, and use these guides to get started now on Solr or on Elasticsearch. Along with the SIREn v1.3 release, we are also launching our new website (and SIREn home) This is meant to reflect better the nature of SIREn and our activity focused on helping customers solve their search and big data challenges. You can help us by by

Looking forward to help you in your next rich data project.

Giovanni Tummarello

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