Releasing SIREn 1.1 : Proximity Operators, Nested Faceting and More !

Releasing SIREn 1.1 : Proximity Operators, Nested Faceting and More !

We are delighted to announce the release of SIREn 1.1.

SIREn is a schemaless structured document search system that combines free text search with structured search over arbitrary json data. The system is an extension of Lucene/Solr, the world’s leading search engine technology.

This release includes new features along with various optimizations and bug fixes. Some of these are described below. You can download the latest release from the downloads page.

SIREn 1.1 Release Highlights

  • Proximity operators: We have introduced new operators allowing for proximity search. These proximity-aware boolean operators, extend Lucene’s span query operators, to take into consideration not only term but also node matches based on their position. For example, this can be useful for searching nested objects, e.g., sentences or paragraphs, that are near to each others. See the new operators in our keyword syntax or advanced JSON syntax.

  • Nested faceting: It is now possible to create facets over nested elements, e.g., you can use these facets to help the user in building complex nested queries.

  • Upgrade to latest Lucene/Solr 4.7.2

  • Various bugfixes and optimizations since the 1.0.2 release. See the changelog in the distribution package.

What is Coming Next (1.2) ?

We are currently working on the following features for the next release

  • Fast Indexing Mode: SIREn currently allows full tokenization and search over the name of attributes (full indexing mode). This is useful in case of extreme data variability. In other situations, by choosing “Fast Indexing Mode”, one will gain considerable performance boosts.

  • Projection Operators: SIREn will get an API equivalent to popular “Document Stores” out there. Get the bit of information you need at full speed, with full structure index and high quality search and ranking for free.

Sign up to our SIREn User Group to ask questions about the product, to be kept informed about updates and to participate in discussions about structured document search.

Renaud Delbru

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