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Version 4.5.x is out fully compatible with Kibana 4.5.x plugins Read Here

Structured/Unstructured Data

Search, Analytics, and Exploration across any data type.

Data Search Meets Business Intelligence

The most advanced search engine capabilities with BI, combined

Beautiful to See, Exciting to Use

Snappy, beautiful data views that are exciting to build and a pleasure to use

Cluster Scalable

Powered by Elasticsearch and Siren 2.0

Realtime? We Got it!

Fast incoming data streams (structured or unstructured) are our speciality.

Free and Open Source

Apache and AGPL licensed, Kibi community edition is free to use for any purpose.

Case Studies


From Log Analysis, Finance and Fraud Detection to Life Science, Market and Business Intelligence.

See how Kibi fit our customers’ needs.

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Want more?

Kibi Enterprise Edition

is now available and provided with brand new amazing features:

  • Graph and Temporal Analytics, to see and better understand how events are conneted, even if they come from multiple indices.
  • Ultra Scalable Joins
  • Access control
  • High Enterprise Support, to better fit your needs.
  • Flexible Licensing and more

Get started, fast

with our Kibi POC Jumpstart Package

  • We work closely with you, get the highest possible support
  • Fully licensed Kibi EE for up to 6 months.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • From 3 Days of consultancy, on all aspects ranging from ETL, data modelling, cluster sizing, operations, datascience and analytics and code customization.
  • Priority Bugfixes, get direct access to the Dev Team
  • Access to Kibi roadmap
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