The Pivot Browser is now discontinued

Please look at the KIBI project

The Pivot Browser is a SIREn based application that offers a novel search and exploration interface for browsing relational data – datasets with multiple types of entities that are interconnected with each other.

This is in contrast to a traditional search interface that is designed to handle a single type of entity.

Interactive Exploration of Relational Data

SIREn’s support for nested data is the key to enabling relational exploration over large volumes of data at interactive speeds – way faster than traditional database systems.

Combine Structured and Unstructured Data

Combine exploration of  unstructured textual content and structured content from a database. You can search over  text while simultaneously performing complex structured queries.

Integrate from Multiple Data Sources

Consume and integrate data from multiple data source including Document Stores like MongoDB, Relational and Graph Databases, flat CSV files, etc.

Invaluable for Knowledge Sector

Lifescience, Research, Finance and Legal companies have analyze large volumes of textual documents with references to structured datasets. The Pivot Browser is well suited for these needs.

Live Demo

In the demo below, you can see how the Pivot Browser can be used to explore the relationships between media articles, companies, investments and investors. The data comes from Crunchbase and a collection of technology news sites. The articles are connected to companies using NLP techniques.

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