We can build comprehensive search solutions to meet your needs. We also offer specialist consulting for Search (Solr & Elasticsearch) and Big Data processing (Nutch, Hadoop, Ooozie)


SIREn is a nested search plugin for Solr and Elasticsearch. It is the fastest and most scalable solution for supporting nested data on these search platforms.


The Pivot Browser is a SIREn based application that offers interactive exploration of large and complex datasets with multiple types of entities that are interconnected with each other.

What is SIREn Solutions ?

SIREn Solutions is a Solr and Elasticsearch consultancy company dedicated to solving relational and nested data search scenarios.

  • Big Data Search
  • Solr & Elasticsearch customizations

  • SIREn training, support & consulting
  • Pivot Browser installations

Customizing Solr & Elasticsearch functionality

SIREn demonstrates our deep expertise in Solr and Elasticsearch internals. This enables us to help in making specialized custom enhancements to these engines. This includes specialized ontology support, custom ranking, custom analyzers, query parsers, custom codecs, etc.

Big Data Search

We have extensive experience and expertise in working with large volumes of heterogeneous content using technologies such as Hadoop. We can create solutions for integrating data from diverse sources and creating a high performance pipelines to feed your search system.

SIREn Support & Consulting

We offer commercial packages for SIREn which includes handling general support queries, troubleshooting, performance tuning, scaling and architecture guidance. You will also be the first receive the latest updates and patches to SIREn.

Pivot Browser Consulting

The Pivot Browser application can enable you to interactively search and explore large volumes of interconnected data. We can you help you setup the Pivot Browser to consume your datasets and customize the interface to suit your specific needs.

Who we work with

We have worked with customers from a range of domains including Publishing, Pharma, and Tourism. We have also worked with product companies looking for specialized expertise in Search and Big Data.

We recently collaborated with Google for creating tools for exploring large, complex datasets.

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