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Kibi in 2017: Access Control, Alerting, Reporting, Advanced Graph (… and what’s next)

Hi all! We’re very very happy to announce Kibi 4.6.3, first version of 2017, available in both Community and Enterprise editions. This version is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.4.x, inherits all that is in Kibana 4.6.3, but most of all adds a number of new features to set Kibi for an amazing 2017. “Kibi Grade” built in Encryption, Authentication, […]

Kibi 4.5.3 is out: CSV Export, Cross Dashboard time sync, tab filter icons

Hi all, we’re very very happy to announce Kibi 4.5.3-3 in both Community and Enterprise edition. On top of all of Kibana 4.5.3, the new main features exclusive to Kibi are: CVS Export is here (for the rest of us) CVS Export has been an awaited feature in Kibana 4 since basically when it was […]

Showing the latest values in Kibi/Kibana (say Hi to the REST Datasource)

Kibi has a concept of external datasources which can be used in a variety of ways. A datasource can be a SQL database, a SPARQL endpoint, or a REST endpoint. After writing a query over a datasource, you can display its results in a visualization or use them as a filter with the special aggregator […]

Enhancing Solr with SIREn for Resume Search

Creating an advanced resume search solution poses a range of interesting challenges. One of the things that makes it interesting is the fact that resumes are a rich mix of structured data (locations, past employers, dates) and unstructured free text (descriptions, roles etc). SIREn is a specialized indexing system which enhances Solr with advanced capabilities […]

24 Times Less Memory, 11 Times Faster: Measuring the Impact of SIREn on ElasticSearch and Solr Systems

There are a lot of use cases which require indexing of nested documents. You only need to look at the Solr forums to discover examples of this. The standard solution, e.g., as implemented behind the scenes by Elasticsearch, is to rely on Lucene’s Blockjoin capability. Blockjoin, however works by creating one index entry per nested […]

Introducing “SIREn”: the Next Generation JSON-like Data Search System

Often in marketing one hears about a “next generation” solution, for little reasons more than a better implementation if not just pure marketing itself. In the case of SIREn (short for “Semantic Information Retrieval ENgine”), we believe this “tagline” to be appropriate as SIREn has been built from the ground up based on a completely […]

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