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Big Releases: Kibi 4.6.4-1 and Kibi 5.2 Beta-1

We are happy to announce 2 big releases: Kibi 4.6.4-1, based on Kibana 4.6.4 – working on Elasticsearch 2.3+ .. and yes, Kibi 5.2 (!) Beta-1, which requires Elasticsearch 5.2 or later. Kibi 4.6.4-1 Improvements for the Community and Enterprise Edition: Merges all upstream changes from Kibana 4.6.4 Column name aliases in Kibi Doc Table plugins […]

Kibi in 2017: Access Control, Alerting, Reporting, Advanced Graph (… and what’s next)

Hi all! We’re very very happy to announce Kibi 4.6.3, first version of 2017, available in both Community and Enterprise editions. This version is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.4.x, inherits all that is in Kibana 4.6.3, but most of all adds a number of new features to set Kibi for an amazing 2017. “Kibi Grade” built in Encryption, Authentication, […]

New Release: Siren Join 2.4.1 – compatible with ES 2.4.1

Hello Everybody, we’re happy to announce the release of the new version of our Siren Join Plugin: 2.4.1 – fully compatible with Elasticsearch 2.4.1. Together with the ES upgrade, this release comes with two improvements: [GH-98] Add some more info in the query response [GH-99] Set the parent index/type in the response debug actions of a […]

Kibi 4.5.3 is out: CSV Export, Cross Dashboard time sync, tab filter icons

Hi all, we’re very very happy to announce Kibi 4.5.3-3 in both Community and Enterprise edition. On top of all of Kibana 4.5.3, the new main features exclusive to Kibi are: CVS Export is here (for the rest of us) CVS Export has been an awaited feature in Kibana 4 since basically when it was […]

How did we marry Kibi & Keyline Graph Analytics? the Webinar

Building data lakes, collecting logs and data streams are just a few of the heavy investments that companies are making in data infrastructure. Interactive analytics and visualizations are a vital part of this, making non-technical users able to explore and understand millions of rows of data at a glance. For this reason visualizations offered by Kibi/Kibana […]

Workaround for the Map Issue 4.4.2 – updated

Update: we now released Kibi 4.4.2 which includes bugfixes, among which this. Get it now. Hi all, Since yesterday, Kibana’s Map widget does not work properly as MapQuest (the default tiles server) is now requiring an AppKey to access its API. Kibi is also affected by this Kibana issue. However, it is straightforward to fix […]

Open Positions

Siren Solutions is rapidly expanding. Love what we’re doing? We’re currently looking for: Director of Business Development Junior sales representative Senior Angular.JS/Fullstack developer Devop Engineer BI/Search Deployment Project Expert Applied Data Scientist/Scientist that code Kibi has the power to leapfrog the way our industries Discover Drugs, Catch Fraudsters & Bad Guys at all levels, Secure IT, Discover […]

Kibi and Siren Join for 2.3.x released

We are delighted to announce the release of Siren Join 2.3.3 which is compatible with Elasticsearch 2.3.3. This releases includes bug fixes but most of all makes the currently available Kibi compatible with Elasticsearch 2.3.x (ahead of the next major 4.5 release) You can install it on your Elasticsearch 2.3.3 cluster using the following command: […]

Kibi 4.4 Graph Analytics is here (..and reveals Italians who “forgot” road tax)

Welcome Kibi Enterprise Edition 4.4.1 (yes we’re skipping 4.1 versions..)   What is Kibi Enterprise Edition? KIBI EE takes Kibi to the next level.  It’s for Enterprises. For Data Intelligence. For OEMers who want to build the next big thing based on a platform like no others. What is new in Enterprise Edition? Exclusively for the Enterprise […]

Kibi Enterprise Edition is here! Sneak peak and Webinar Invitation

Love Kibi? You’ll be happy to hear we are launching Kibi Enterprise – Kibi EE on May 17th at 4.30pm (GMT +1) with a Webinar  hosted by its creators Giovanni Tummarello and Renaud Delbru. Updated: see our Launch Webinar HERE Welcome Kibi Enterprise Edition  – Kibi EE! Kibi Enterprise Edition extends regular Kibi with advanced data intelligence features and enterprise level functionality. Kibi is […]

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