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24 Times Less Memory, 11 Times Faster: Measuring the Impact of SIREn on ElasticSearch and Solr Systems

There are a lot of use cases which require indexing of nested documents. You only need to look at the Solr forums to discover examples of this. The standard solution, e.g., as implemented behind the scenes by Elasticsearch, is to rely on Lucene’s Blockjoin capability. Blockjoin, however works by creating one index entry per nested […]

Releasing SIREn 1.2: Major Performance Boosts for Nested Queries

We are delighted to announce the release of SIREn 1.2. You can get the latest release from the download page. SIREn is a schemaless structured document search system that combines free text search with structured search over arbitrary JSON data. The system is an extension of Lucene/Solr, the world’s leading search engine technology. The focus […]

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