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Welcome Siren Platform!

Announcing the Siren Platform (previously Kibi EE) GA release Today we’re super happy to announce that Kibi 5.x is out of beta! With the general availability release today we are changing the distribution name – Siren Platform is the new name of our package bundling Kibi (data intelligence frontend, compatible with Kibana plugins) and our […]

Kibi Enterprise Edition is here! Sneak peak and Webinar Invitation

Love Kibi? You’ll be happy to hear we are launching Kibi Enterprise – Kibi EE on May 17th at 4.30pm (GMT +1) with a Webinar  hosted by its creators Giovanni Tummarello and Renaud Delbru. Updated: see our Launch Webinar HERE Welcome Kibi Enterprise Edition  – Kibi EE! Kibi Enterprise Edition extends regular Kibi with advanced data intelligence features and enterprise level functionality. Kibi is […]

Kibi 0.3.x is out! What’s new & what’s coming…

0.1… 0.2… 0.3 !!!!!!  We are super happy to announce the general availability of Kibi 0.3.x series!!! What’s new (and why it matters) Kibi 0.3.x extends directly the latest Kibana available today (4.4.x). This means: Kibi is therefore now compatible with ES 2.x series – via our Siren Join plugin now updated all the way […]

Showing the latest values in Kibi/Kibana (say Hi to the REST Datasource)

Kibi has a concept of external datasources which can be used in a variety of ways. A datasource can be a SQL database, a SPARQL endpoint, or a REST endpoint. After writing a query over a datasource, you can display its results in a visualization or use them as a filter with the special aggregator […]

Radar (or Spider :) ) Chart for Kibana 4.3+ and Kibi 0.3+

Evaluating a superhero performance can be tricky … but Kibana/Kibi can help! Say you have loaded your Elasticsearch with a bunch of reports and ratings by people on how they think superheros have performed across a number of episodes. They are rated 1 to 10 on different dimensions, e.g., “intelligence, strength, energy, speed”, etc. How […]

Kibi 0.2, is here – (hohoho): REST API support, Relational Data Configuration, Cross Index Timeline Widget

Kibi 0.2, is here – (hohoho) Perfect Xmas present for the data geek 🙂 Crazy 24/12 announcement – Kibi 0.2. – a friendly Kibana fork for Data Intelligence – is available for download Full blog post with new screencast will follow (early Jan) – in the meanwhile here are some action shots: Relational Panel Filter, […]

Kibana and Kibi for Big (Relational) Lifes Sciences data: a ChEMBL test

In Life Sciences there is (finally) a wide understanding that it is valuable for all to share and contribute to open “precompetitive data”. More and more often, very large open datasets exist. For example, the ChEMBL bioassay data, for example, ChEMBL or ChEMBLdb is a manually-curated chemical database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties,  maintained […]

Announcing Kibi: a Kibana fork for Data Intelligence

We are very excited to announce Kibi (pronounced Kee-bee), a friendly fork of Kibana for Data Intelligence use cases. For those new to it, Kibana is an amazing product by Elastic which enables search, browsing and analytics on documents stored in Elasticsearch indexes through an intuitive user interface. Kibi: For Data Intelligence Kibi  has been developed to extend the ELK stack […]

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