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Welcome Siren Platform!

Announcing the Siren Platform (previously Kibi EE) GA release Today we’re super happy to announce that Kibi 5.x is out of beta! With the general availability release today we are changing the distribution name – Siren Platform is the new name of our package bundling Kibi (data intelligence frontend, compatible with Kibana plugins) and our […]

Kibana and Kibi for Big (Relational) Lifes Sciences data: a ChEMBL test

In Life Sciences there is (finally) a wide understanding that it is valuable for all to share and contribute to open “precompetitive data”. More and more often, very large open datasets exist. For example, the ChEMBL bioassay data, for example, ChEMBL or ChEMBLdb is a manually-curated chemical database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties,  maintained […]

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