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24 Times Less Memory, 11 Times Faster: Measuring the Impact of SIREn on ElasticSearch and Solr Systems

There are a lot of use cases which require indexing of nested documents. You only need to look at the Solr forums to discover examples of this. The standard solution, e.g., as implemented behind the scenes by Elasticsearch, is to rely on Lucene’s Blockjoin capability. Blockjoin, however works by creating one index entry per nested […]

Introducing “SIREn”: the Next Generation JSON-like Data Search System

Often in marketing one hears about a “next generation” solution, for little reasons more than a better implementation if not just pure marketing itself. In the case of SIREn (short for “Semantic Information Retrieval ENgine”), we believe this “tagline” to be appropriate as SIREn has been built from the ground up based on a completely […]

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