Data Intelligence Specialists R&D

Siren Solutions is a team of enormously passionate data intelligence and advanced search experts, scientists and engineers. We work with customers and partners on the most challenging knowledge intelligence problems in the fields of:

  • Life Science
  • Scientific and Technical Publishing
  • Cyberg Security – national and international
  • Market and Business Intelligence
  • Tax and Law Enforcements
  • Network Security

Some notable achievement of the team to date include the Apache Any23 project, for which we built a full scale Web Search Engine; cooperation with Google on releasing its Freebase Data,and we built an extension for Solr to do live cross datacenter index replication.

Siren Solution is entirely privately owned and has its main office in Galway, Ireland.

Technical Background: Web Scale Structured data R&D

Siren Solutions was founded in 2011 by Dr. Giovanni Tummarello and Dr. Renaud Delbru as a spinoff of their activity at National University of Ireland Galway, and focused on Web Scale structured data handling (Semantic Web).

The core engine “SIREn” (Semantic Information Retrieval Engine) as well as the core ideas behind the Kibi data intelligence platform were developed to address the extreme data variability of the “Web of Data” in the search engine project (read about it here).

Meet the Team

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