Kibi Enterprise Support

Fast-forward your way into your enterprise-grade Kibi deployment

Siren Solutions provides packages and editions that assist you in reaching your goals at Enterprise Level.

Community Edition

Kibi Community edition is the freely distributed AGPL + Apache version.

Kibi POC Jumpstart

Siren Solution and the the Kibi team will provide 6 months of assistance for your POC.

Enterprise Edition

Our most advanced Kibi. For Enterprise users, OEMers and System Integrators.

Cost: Free

Support: Web forum support

Limitations: See notes on the license

Cost: Contact Us

Support: Direct IM with Kibi developers, priority email

Version: Community or Enterprise Edition

Consultancy: 5 days data intelligence consultancy – 2 hours slot remote. 2 days onsite

Roadmap: Access to roadmap

Cost: Contact Us

Support: From next business day email to 24/7

License: Flexible commercial license

Priority bug fixes

Access to strategic roadmap

Advanced Joins: fine-grained control on joins for the ultimate performance and scalability

Graph Analytics: Stunningly beautiful integrated “Graph Analytics” functionalities

Temporal Analytics: Advanced temporal Cross Index “Timeline” functionalities

Access Control: finegrained Shield and Watcher support

Enterprise Grade Deployment: Including Public/Private Clouds

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