Kibi Enterprise Edition

Seamless Graph/Temporal/Relational Analytics.
Enterprise Security/Deployment/Support.

On top of regular KibiKibi Enterprise Edition offers:

Graph Analytics

kibigraphKibi Enterprise incorporates some of the most advanced graph interactions tools available on the market. No need for a separate graph data store or special loading/configuration: see what’s connected, explore shortest paths, intuitively and seamlessly.

Temporal Analytics

timeline croppedAcross Indexes / Across Relations. Kibi Temporal Analytics shows connected events coming from one or multiple indices
in a single zoomable view. Investigate how events, time intervals and entities connect together “group to group”, relationally.

Access Control, Notifications, Cluster Monitoring

Elastic Shield Compatibility

Kibi Enterprise Edition comes with Access Control – at Index, Record or Field level, Notifications – via Emails and Cluster Monitoring and much more. This is offered via the tight integration with Elastic’s own offering

Flexible Licensing

For OEMers, System Integrators, Distributors and advanced users, Kibi Enterprise Edition flexible commercial licensing removes the limitations of the AGPL licensed Community Edition.

Ultrascalability mode

Fine-grained settings for optimal performance and ultra scalability.

Enterprise Deployment

Deploy and maintain via Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker support and more.

Enterprise Support

A wide range of Support options, from Priority Business to 24/7.


Get started, fast

with our Kibi POC Jumpstart Package

  • We work closely with you, get the highest possible support
  • Fully licensed Kibi EE for up to 6 months.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • From 3 Days of consultancy, on all aspects ranging from ETL, data modelling, cluster sizing, operations, datascience and analytics and code customization.
  • Priority Bugfixes, get direct access to the Dev Team
  • Access to Kibi roadmap


The Kibi EE Webinar

  • Learn about Kibi EE core features
  • See our scriptable Graph Analytics in action
  • See how our OEM partner Okkam uses it: vehicle tax evasion use case
  • Q&A session (pricing, plans for the future..)

More screencasts on our YouTube channel. Visit and Subscribe here:

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